Hello! I’m Katie

Growing up I was always some sort of athlete and always appreciated moving my body in athletic ways. It was in college that I totally fell in love with weight training. I felt most confident and most empowered in the gym, working towards strength goals. Weight training taught me to push past my biggest insecurities as a 6 ft tall woman. Weight training taught me how to accept everything about myself. Weight training taught me how to love myself. I knew I wanted to help other women feel this way, so I decided I wanted to make this a full-time career. I graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Kinesiology. Immediately after college, I moved to Miami to be a full-time trainer at a gym called Equinox. About a year later, I launched the Train With Katie program with just a dream. Team TWK has grown over the past few years into something incredibly amazing. We are more than just a program; we are a team. I am coaching some of the most hard-working, uplifting, inspiring women from all walks of life via the internet. And it’s very rewarding.

Our Community #TWK

As I mentioned above, we have women of all walks of life doing the TWK program. I have beginners who are focused on mastering form with bodyweight or lighter weights. Their focus is posting videos to our FB group and getting regular feedback from me for help with form and progression over time. I also have very advanced women who have the technique down and now I’m teaching them how to push themselves to new levels. And I have lots of women in between. TWK is for anyone who wants to learn, grow, and feel inspired every single day. 

As a TWK member, it’s important you join our FB group. This is where you get ongoing coaching with me. I spend several hours of my day providing detailed form feedback for any member who asks for it. Technique is the most important part of your training program, so as a coach, this is my main focus with all members- great technique. This is also where our amazing team comes together. You are never alone here at TWK. 

Every day, I feel incredibly proud of my team. I enjoy watching them make huge progress over time. I enjoy watching them support and encourage each other.  It’s truly an honor to work with these badass women.

Our Training Values

Over the years, I’ve developed training programs and methods that produce huge results. The TWK team proves that my system works every single day. A great training program is not just about exercise selection & rep ranges. Here’s what I value most when it comes to building the best training program for my athletes:


Love the way you train.

When you love what you do, you’ll do it better. And you’ll do it more. You are more likely to stay consistent with the work if you’re enjoying it.

Make sure you are training pain-free.

There is no value in pushing through aches and pains or injuries. There are always ways to train around your pain/injuries. This may mean different exercise selection or modifications. You cannot make progress if you are in pain. Train around your pain, not in it!

Build a strong foundation.

Technique is the most important part of your training program. Without great technique, you won’t be able to build more strength over time and your body will eventually break down. Form first. Take the time necessary to build your foundation, with the goal of making long term progress for the years ahead.

Value repetition and apply progressive overload.

Training can be monotonous. You have to fall in love with repeating the same things over and over again. This is how you make improvements. There is value in repeating movement patterns and there is value in repeating full training sessions over and over again. This is how you can track your progress and focus on being able to do more over time (progressive overload). Feeling and seeing yourself get stronger over time is the most rewarding part of training.

Build the posterior chain, build the athlete.

You should be pulling more than you are pushing in your training program. A stronger body will train the muscles you cannot see in the mirror more than the muscles you can see in the mirror. The athlete is built from behind. A strong posterior chain results in better posture, a less injury prone body, and a stronger body overall.

Train for performance goals.

If you train for performance and are actively working towards PRs in the gym, the aesthetics (what you look like) will follow. You are much more likely to stick to the process if you’re working towards performance goals that mean something to you vs just training to look a certain way.

Fall in love with the process.

The process is everything. Learn to love showing up everyday. Be process-driven, not results-driven. The reward and the fun is in the process anyway.