Hello!  I’m Katie

I am a kinesiologist, personal trainer, and fitness coach who is passionate about the power of fitness and how it can transform your life.

Growing up, I played a variety of sports so I always had a natural attraction and respect for movement, athleticism, and hard work. I grew up a competitive gymnast and eventually began playing lacrosse, where I also played at the University of Florida.

From the age of 16 to 18, I hit a huge growth spurt going from 5 ft 3 to 6 ft tall. I went from being one of the smallest in my friend group to by far the biggest. I felt depressed and embarrassed by my size and lost a lot of confidence in who I was. I viewed myself and my body in a very negative light for YEARS.

In hopes of transforming my body and my own self-image, I turned to fitness.

It was in college that I truly fell in love with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I learned dedication, discipline, and independence. Fitness became a lot more for me than just chasing a “dream body.” I totally fell in love with the process.

I became the girl my friends were turning to for fitness advice and motivation. I loved that I could help others through something I was so passionate about.

It began as an interest, became my passion and now I believe it is my purpose. 

Fitness changed my life. It began as an interest, became my passion and now I believe it is my purpose. 

Because I loved everything about exercise and was fascinated by the body and what it’s capable of, I decided to change my major from Economics to something that was aligned with my emerging passion. Today I am a proud Gator and University of Florida Alum with a B.S. Degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. I also am certified in Personal Training from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Post college, I knew I wanted to work amongst the most elite trainers in the industry so I sought out an opportunity at Equinox Fitness. Currently, I am a private trainer based in the Brickell area of Miami, Florida.

Katie Sonier - Kinesiologist, personal trainer & fitness coach

I consider myself more of a life coach rather than a trainer. Every day I get the opportunity to change and transform lives by teaching others how to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. That is so amazing to me!

I believe that this is my life calling. This is my gift and I fully embrace it.

It is my dream to create a global community of women who are ready to unleash their greatest potential and finally reveal to the world their badass selves.

I consider myself more of a life coach rather than a trainer.

I dedicate my life to empowering other women to live up their greatest potential. To not let the fear of failure hold them back. My goal is to help more women stand tall and OWN who they are, whether they are 4 foot tall or 6 foot tall like me.

Katie Sonier - Nutrition

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