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My Take On Calorie And Macro Counting

A lot of people reach out to me asking about my daily nutrition and how it looks. So, I wanted to share with you all my take on calorie and macro counting.

I typically get questions like, “how many calories do you eat a day?” or “do you count your macros?” or “do you have a sweet tooth?” That last one is funny… of course, I have a sweet tooth! I love ice cream and pizza just as much as you all!

I just put my performance and aesthetic goals first and realize that fitting a slice or two of pizza into my lunch because it “fits my macros,” will not only hinder my performance but also will make me feel like shit. And as a trainer, I need to be 100% on my A-game always. I work with clients who have been sitting all day and are depending on ME to bring some life into their days. I know that I cannot do that if I myself am not feeling full of life.

Calorie Counting

So back to the questions… Do I Count My Calories?

No. I honestly could not tell you how many calories I consume in a day. I could tell you probably a lot though. A lot of GOOD calories.

A lot of calories that fuel me to perform at an optimal level, allow me to recover properly, build muscle, burn fat, and have lots of energy for my long days of training both myself and my clients. What I always tell my clients- quality over quantity.

500 Calories of lean protein and veggies will do your body much more good than a 500 calorie milkshake.Do not obsess over how much or many is in this or that.

Pay attention to WHAT is actually going in your mouth. REAL Foods.When you eat REAL GOOD calories, the weight loss, lean muscle gain, fat loss – whatever your goals may be- will just happen anyway.

Macro Counting

The next question… Do I Count My Macros?

Nope. Now I know that this is an approach that many people follow and some have had great success with it. GREAT. If you have found something that works for you…and I’m not just saying temporarily…something that works for you long term AND makes you feel good (full of energy, happy, healthy)…then stick to it!

I personally do not count my macros because I have found what works for my body, my goals, my performance, my happiness, my health. Again, I focus on consuming REAL foods…the foods that give me energy, make me feel good and help me reach my goals. My main source of calories comes from proteins and fats. My carb intake typically includes real natural carbs- likes vegetables and fruits. Not the sugary processed carbs.

More on the sugary processed carbs… I love them! I love cereal and chips and ice cream. And yes every once in a while, I indulge in these treats and I do not hold back. The Problem Is When This Becomes A Part Of Your Everyday Nutrition. You can indulge in these and still reach your goals. You just have to realize that you need to not let a day of bad eating turn into a couple days or a couple weeks. Enjoy yourself and then get right back on track.

So that’s my perspective on calorie and macro counting.

Again… if these things have worked for you guys then great!

But if you feel you’ve tried the whole calorie and macro counting thing and were not getting the results you were seeking, try my approach. I’m happy, healthy, and my performance in the gym seems to keep improving. And as far as aesthetics, I love being a lean machine. But that’s just an added bonus to how I feel every day… and that’s great.

And if you are new to fitness, please read my blog post on starting off with your fitness journey.

I’d love to hear from YOU! Share your thoughts on calorie and macro counting in the comments below!

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