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Why You Need To Find Your Own Fitness Motivation

Let’s talk a little about fitness motivation.  When it comes to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, there are many external resources that we often turn to help us get motivated from the beginning or stay motivated as the journey goes on. Whether that be depending on our friends to push us to go to the gym with them, conveniently showing up to the gym when our crush is there, or scrolling through the gram to see the top physiques from the #fitspo chicks. Some of us may even hire a personal trainer. And I am certainly not hating on this one! This my career…so I know the power I have when it comes to good fitness coaching.

But I can tell you the main difference between clients who successfully achieve their goals and those who don’t. And that is motivation. Intrinsic motivation. Motivation from within.

The difference between success and “failure” when it comes to this fitness thing is finding your INTRINSIC motivation. You have to genuinely want this for yourself. You cannot rely on outside resources to make you do this. You must find your own motivation and this must remain within you.

Nobody else is going to make you get up early in the morning to get a workout in. Nobody else is going to make you choose a healthier food option at the cafeteria or say no to the cupcakes being handed around at work. Nobody is going to make you do anything. Because nobody can want this for you as badly as you want this for you.

Which is why you simply cannot rely on anybody else but your own self. Your own motivation. Your own drive.

You must know your why and know everything there is to know about your why.

Ask yourself, “WHY do I want this?” And remind yourself of this every single day.

You must grasp the shit out of this “WHY” so that no external factor or situation can steer you away from the direction you want to go in.

Find your own motivation. Be your own motivation.

And if you haven’t quite found it yet, look for it. You have it in you.

If you are just starting out with your fitness journey, you won’t want to miss this blog post.

I’d love to hear from YOU! What are your fitness goals and how do you manage to stay motivated?  Share your comments below!

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