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Starting your fitness journey, or another way to phrase it, changing up your habits, can be a very exciting, overwhelming and scary thing. For those who are just getting into it for the first time or perhaps getting back into it (and sticking to it this time), I’ve made a list of things for you to really consider as you start your journey…


-Motivation comes and goes. Let discipline take it’s place. You may wake up motivated for the first week. Then things become monotonous and you’re over it. Now what? That’s why we can’t rely on motivation to keep us going. Discipline is where it’s at. Make this lifestyle a habit- the gym is just part of your day. Make yourself go (discipline) even when you really don’t want to. And it’ll get easier and easier to make that choice everyday.

-Everyone’s journey is different which is why we cannot compare ours to another. Focus on your own journey and your own progress. You will end up robbing yourself of so much joy and happiness on this beautiful journey of yours if you constantly wonder why your progress/results doesn’t look like someone elses.

-Start small focusing on changing small daily habits. Long term success is found in your daily habits. Don’t expect to change ALL of your habits in one day and be good to go. Instead, choose and commit to one. Master it and then choose and commit to another. And so on.

-Consistency is key. Not every workout will be your best. Sometimes just showing up is the bravest, most important thing you can do. Again, make yourself go even when every ounce of your soul doesn’t want to. It’s in these times that we become strongest.

-Slow progress is the best progress. Remember that real, sustainable, everlasting progress and results will take time. Just keep working.

-Do things that excite you and that you enjoy. You don’t HAVE to do anything a certain way. If you love yoga, do it and do a lot of it. If you love weight lifting, do it and do a lot of it. If you love it all, do it all. Because if you love what you do, you’ll be much more likely to stick to it.

-Don’t overthink it. There’s so much research out there, which can lead to a lot of confusion. Should I do this or that? While I think it’s great to do your research and learn from others, you’re going to learn and get the most out of just getting out there and getting started. You will learn the most through your own experience. You’ll make mistakes; you’ll face challenges and struggles; you’ll experience small victories…all of which make up your journey and will make you better.

-Work hard and trust the process. Remember that as long as you are doing your best and making small daily efforts, results are possible for you.

-Change takes time. Don’t expect change overnight. Or over a hundred nights. It’s a journey and very long one at that. But along the way, you will experience things that will make this journey all so worth it!

Katie Sonier

Hi, I'm Katie Sonier. A kinesiologist, personal trainer & fitness coach who is passionate about the power of fitness and how it can transform your life. My Mission Is To Empower Women To Become Comfortable In Their Own Skin Through Fitness And Health. To learn more about me, click here.

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