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For those that are curious about my online training program, Train With Katie, or “TWK,” I figured I’d give a more detailed explanation of the structure and the training methods behind it and why I run this program the way that I do.

The Train With Katie program is a 6-day a week training split, however I always encourage those partaking in the program to tinker with and make it work for them.

The weekly structure looks like this:

Monday- Lower Body

Tuesday- Upper Body/Core

Wednesday- Total Body Conditioning

Thursday- Lower Body

Friday- Upper Body/Core

Saturday- Total Body Conditioning

Sunday- “Active Rest Day”

So some themes you’ll see with this training program that are imperative when looking to make progress and get results with your training:

-Training Frequency- Hitting the same muscle groups at least twice a week. You have to train the same muscle groups multiple times a week if you want them to respond and grow. For example, training your glutes once a week IS NOT ENOUGH.

-Lower Body Compound Lifts- You’ll see a lot of lower body compound lifting in this program. For example, squats, deadlifts, lunges, hip thrusts. These big movements recruit the most muscle groups and are the biggest bang for your buck when looking to gain muscle.

-Upper Body Compound Movements- You’ll see more compound upper body movements like pull up/chin up regressions/progressions (vertical pull) and handstand regressions/progressions (vertical push) that again will be the biggest bang for your buck when training your upper body. You’ll also get core work thrown into sets with your upper body work because most people find core training to be boring and I believe that sneaking it in with other things is the best way to “trick yourself” into doing it. Remember that if your core is strong, the rest of your body will follow.

-Total Body Conditioning Days- These days are meant to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance as I prescribe X amount of exercises and encourage you to complete as many rounds as you can in the prescribed time period.

-Repetition- While I do create new content (workouts) every week, I create all content in a structured, programmed, and consistent manner. Monday- Wednesday’s workouts are new each week, but consistent with the rest of the programming. For Thursday- Saturday’s workouts, I have members repeat the previous Monday-Wednesday’s workouts to make sure they are getting better with the movements and progressing. Remember, that you need to have repetition and focus in your program if you want to get better and see results.

-24/7 Communication with the Creator of the Program (Me)- I think this is the most important aspect to any program. All members to the Train With Katie program get access to our Facebook accountability group where I coach/communicate/answer all questions daily. Of course you will have questions as you go, and I will always be there to assist/guide in the best way I can.

-Goal Setting- I encourage members to go into each and every session with a specific performance goal in mind. I find that this keeps us structured, focused, and motivated through the process. It’s one thing to do a program, but to do a program with intention will take you to the next level!

-Monthly Membership Pricing- I make this program an affordable monthly price point in hopes that members will stick with me for a long time as true, sustainable, everlasting change does take time. Just $19.95 a month!





Katie Sonier

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